GAK – Fun Gooey Craft!

Make a batch of GAK (see recipe below)! Gak is a slimy, gooey, stretchy, substance that is just about the most fun thing to play with that has ever been thought of. It is a GREAT activity to do with kids, and is great for any child who enjoys crafts, science projects, or playing with messy stuff.
– Alexis; Orange County

You need:
• A bowl that you don’t mind getting a little gooey
• A wire wisk or large spoon
• One cup Elmer’s white school glue (one small bottle is usually 4 oz or ½ cup.)
• Water and measuring cups
• Food coloring
• Borax detergent
• I recommend wearing rubber gloves

What to do:
1.) Put on rubber gloves, instruct children to do the same
2.) Mix together with wire wisk, spoon (or your hands) the glue, ¾ cup water, and your choice of food coloring. The more color you add, the darker in color the Gak will be.
3.) Mix separately 1/3 cup water and ½ tsp. of borax
4.) Slowly pour borax mix into glue mix
5.) Let stand a few minutes… let the magic happen
6.) When you come back your Gak will be substantially gooier than when you left it. Kneed while slowly adding small amounts of borax. Add borax until the Gak no longer sticks to your hands, and is more like the texture of rubber.
7.) Have fun playing with it!
8.) Store Gak in plastic baggies. Gak will stick to hair, clothes, and carpet! Keep Gak away from pets.

Photo credit © Paul E R Orr |

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